I want to install a fence, what do I do?
While no permit is required to construct a fence, there are several requirements that pertain to the design, placement, and construction of fences and decorative walls. Any fences that do not comply with these requirements will have to be relocated. (Note also that decorative walls more than 4 feet tall and all retaining walls require review and/or permits from both the Engineering and Code Enforcement departments).

Height: No fence shall exceed a height of 6 feet in any side or rear yard or 4 feet in any front yard. In certain locations, fences may be 10 feet in height; please contact the Department of Planning & Zoning for detailed information.

Setbacks: Although the Town does not have a setback requirement for fences, it is recommended to place the fence a few inches inside your property line so that you do not infringe on your neighbor's property. Fences and walls placed on corner lots have special setback regulations. Please contact the Department of Planning & Zoning for setback regulations and the Department of Engineering for sight distance regulations.

Appearance: The finished side of a fence must face outward from the property it is built upon. If the fence is chain link and is located in the front yard, it must be black-vinyl coated.

Utility Easements: Fences or other permanent structures cannot be placed on any utility easement (water, sanitary sewer, drainage, etc.) or greenway easement. Be cautious of underground utilities and easements for electric, gas, phone, cable, etc.

Many lots have these easements located on them. Check the plot plan you received at the closing of your home or call the Department of Engineering to assist you with determining where those easements are located on your property.

Utility Lines: Underground utility service lines such as electric, gas, phone, cable, etc. also exist on all lots. Call 1-800-632-4949 or 811 (NC Locate) for locating these utilities prior to any digging.

For additional information on easements, contact the Department of Engineering. Check your homeowner's association for special restrictions in your neighborhood. If you have questions or would like a planner to review your plans, contact the Department of Planning & Zoning at (919) 557-3908.

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