What is the Board of Adjustment?
The Board of Adjustment is an eight-member citizen board that is appointed by the Town Council. Four members and two alternates live inside the Town limits. One member and one alternate live within the Town's extraterritorial jurisdiction.

The Board of Adjustment conducts public hearings and renders rulings on variances from the Town’s zoning regulations, appeals to zoning decisions made by the Department of Planning & Zoning staff, and appeals of determinations made by the Environmental Appeal Committee.

The board has quasi-judicial powers and acts separately from the Town Council. This means that all board decisions are final and that any appeals go directly to the 10th District Superior Court.

The board meets at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall Council Chambers at 128 S. Main Street. The meetings are open to the public. However, public input on agenda items must be received through sworn testimony.

Members are appointed on a rotating schedule to three-year terms by the Town Council for in-town members and by the Wake County Board of Commissioners with a recommendation by the Town Council for ETJ members. If a seat is vacated, a new member is appointed mid-year to fill the remainder of the term.

Click here for more information and a listing of the current Board of Adjustment members.

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