Town Council Agendas

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Preparation of the Agenda

The town clerk, in consultation with the town manager and department heads, prepares the agenda.

Request for Agenda Items

Items generally are placed on the agenda at the request of staff, town attorney, or management team members. Items also can be placed on the agenda at the request of the mayor or of a council member.

Order of the Agenda

The agenda shall be set generally in the following order to best accommodate the public in attendance:
  1. Call to order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Invocation
  4. Agenda adjustment and adoption
  5. Public comment - This is an opportunity for those who desire to address the council on any topic not listed on the night’s agenda. Speakers should sign up with the town clerk prior to the meeting’s start in order to be recognized. Each speaker is asked to observe a three-minute time limit on his or her comments. The council may, by a majority vote of those present, extend the time for a speaker on any subject. Because such topics usually require more information or research, council may, but should not feel compelled to, respond to comments or to take any action. The council may, at its discretion, direct staff to provide research and more information and schedule the topic for a future agenda
  6. Special presentations (ceremonies)
  7. Requests and communications
  8. Public hearings
  9. Consent agenda - Items of a routine nature will be placed on the consent agenda to be voted on in a block. The clerk and the manager will decide which items will be placed on the consent agenda. Consideration of council meeting minutes shall normally be the first item on the consent agenda. If any items are removed from the consent agenda, they will be discussed and acted upon immediately following adoption of the remaining items on the consent agenda.
  10. Unfinished business - Items deferred or continued from previous meetings.
  11. New business - Any items having wide public concern or likely to result in high attendance of citizens interested in them will be placed on the list of new business first, followed by matters of less public interest, followed by appointments or any items generated by staff or management.
  12. Other business - This would apply to announcements from staff to the council or requests of council members communicated to staff. It may also include items of business that arise during the time after agenda packets are delivered and before the meeting. The council should not feel compelled to take action on items of other business unless no members have objections to doing so. Any council member who desires to bring up a discussion or action item under other business or ask the Town's staff for a report on a particular subject or to answer a specific question is asked to so inform the manager no later than 3 pm on the day of the council meeting so that the manager will be able to arrange attendance of staff or gather the information as he determines necessary.
  13. Manager’s report
  14. Closed session - If needed. If a closed session is called, the general statute allowing the closed session will be cited in the motion.

Delivery of Agenda & Packet to Council

The Council has directed that the agenda and all supporting materials (the agenda packet) be distributed to the mayor and council no later than the Thursday evening preceding each regular meeting of the council, or as soon as it is practical thereafter. Packets are hand-delivered by the Holly Springs Police Department to the home addresses of the mayor and council members.

Distribution to the Public

Copies of the agenda, minutes, and all related materials distributed with the packet will be made available to the public and news media via the Town’s website, usually by the following day after the packets are delivered to the council, depending on the size of the packet and the website posting resources of the Town.

Click here to view the most recent Holly Springs Town Council agenda.