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Planning to develop in Holly Springs? 

Before submitting a development application, general inquiry and sketch plan (pre-submittal) meetings provide opportunities to:

  • troubleshoot project issues to allow for a more streamlined review process 
  • gain a better understanding of the Town's development process 
  • meet with Town staff, such as representatives from Development Services (land use and zoning, civil improvements, building code).

To schedule a general inquiry or sketch plan (pre-submittal) meeting, please click here.


If you have general development questions regarding topics such as zoning and development standards, allowable uses, water/sewer connections or submittal requirements, please contact us at with a list of your specific questions before completing a meeting request. It may be possible to answer your questions more quickly than requesting a meeting. Please be sure to list all of your questions in detail and include the property address or PIN.

For building permits and inspections forms, please click here to visit our Permits & Inspections page.

Forms / Petitions

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Archived Petition Packets (Please contact a Development Services team member for guidance)

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