Comprehensive Plan

Vision Holly Springs, the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, serves as a policy guide on future land use; transportation; parks, recreation and open space; community character; business development; community facilities; infrastructure and utilities; and natural resources. The Comprehensive Plan is the primary tool that the Town staff, Planning Board and Town Council use in deciding priorities for public investment.

Note: This version of the Comprehensive Plan is an interim update. During the next five years, the Holly Springs Town Council anticipates updating each component of the plan.

Comprehensive Transportation Plan2. Transportation

  1. Introduction
  2. Existing Conditions
  3. Multimodal Asset and Recommendations
    • Map - Future Transit
    • Map - Future Active Transportation 
    • Map - Cross Sections
    • Map - Median Breaks
    • Map - Roadway Intersections
  4. Implementation Plan
  5. The Network Visualized

Appendices (see under separate cover)

Law Enforcement Center Opens in new window4. Community Facilities

  1. Map - Community Facilities Plan

Water Tank Opens in new window5. Infrastructure and Utilities

  1. Map - Long Range Water
  2. Map - Long Range Wastewater

Womble Opens in new window6. Natural Resources

  1. Map - Natural Resources