Communications Section

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The Communications Section of the Department of Public Affairs and Communications (DPAC) serves citizens with an award-winning communications team.

We provide the community with news and information via the Town’s website, the Town’s government access television channel HSTV-11, press releases, newsletters, email and text message subscriptions, social media and more.
The Communications Section duties of the department include:
  • Developing public education and marketing campaigns for events and issues
  • Managing emergency communications from the Town to citizens
  • Overseeing content on the Town’s website
  • Manning the Town’s information desk and main phone line
  • Managing the Town’s public information and media relations activities
  • Producing internal and external publications
  • Providing the Town organization with graphic design, video production and press release services
  • Overseeing the Town’s use of social media outlets
  • Developing programs to encourage public participation in government
  • Managing HSTV-11, the government access cable television channel
  • Developing educational and promotional video presentations for Web and TV
  • Maintaining calendars of official Town activities, events and meetings
  • Using all types of media to inform residents