Mystery of the Golden Bass Scavenger Hunt

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Calling all explorers! Holly Springs is in search of a mysterious Golden Bass statue. While there is a map to the statue, its currently in a safe that needs a secret code to unlock it. It’s up to YOU to keep an eye out and track down this secret code to find the statue! Make sure you take a picture of each clue so you can look at it if needed once you continue on your journey. Follow the golden clues; treasure and adventure awaits! Share your final answer to a Bass Lake Park front desk staff member or send it to to win a treasure hunt prize! Your first clue is at the Bass Lake Best Catch Board outside the visitor center. Good luck adventurers! 

  1. Clue #2 Hint
  2. Clue #3 Hint
  3. Clue #4 Hint
  4. Clue #5 Hint
Find the park that's in honor of the brave and where the flags wave...