About Water Leaks

  • Leaks between the meter and the home are the customer's responsibility.
  • Leaks between the meter and the street do not affect the meter reading, since the leaking water does not pass through the meter. 
  • Please report waterline breaks between the meter and the street to Holly Springs Utilities & Infrastructure at (919) 577-3150.

How to Check for a Running Toilet

Sometimes, a water leak, running toilet, or dripping faucet is discovered when an unusually high bill is received. One common cause for a high bill is a running toilet. Here's how to check if you have a running toilet:

  • Put food coloring or colored drink mix such as Kool-Aid in the tank of the toilet, and don't flush it. 
  • Return in about 30 minutes. If any of the colored water from the tank is in the bowl of the toilet, your toilet is leaking. 
  • Leaking toilets can waste a lot of water, and often people don't realize a toilet is leaking because the water isn't going onto the floor. 
  • If you still have questions regarding your bill, please call Utility Billing and Customer Service at (919) 557-3925, press option 3.

Interested in being notified of a potential water leak before you receive a bill?

  • Sign up for WaterSmart to view and track your water usage, and make sure to set up notifications for issues like potential leaks.
  • The portal is offered at no additional cost to customers as a way to help preserve a valuable natural resource while improving service.

Leak Adjustment Request Form