Cass Holt Road Park



  • Design Development stage where Site and Architectural design begins to take shape.  
  • The skatepark designers have had their first public meeting to find out what the community would like to see in the All Wheels Skatepark.  
  • Through the advertisement of an RFQ/Call for Artists, the Town seeks to contract with an artist to join the design team in creating a functional public art component.


  • If passed, the November 2023 Bond Referendum will support the development of construction drawings, permitting, construction bidding and ultimately the construction of the park.  
  • Construction is anticipated late 2024 and expected to continue into 2026.  

Approved Master Plan

On March 1, 2022, the Holly Springs Town Council voted unanimously to approve the final concept plan for the 56-acre future park. Click here to view the enlarged image.

Approved Cass Holt Road Park Concept Plan Opens in new window

"All Wheels" Skatepark Public Meeting

The Town, along with design consultants from CLH Design and Team Pain Skate Parks hosted a Virtual Public Meeting on April 27 to discuss the proposed "All-Wheels" Skatepark design.  You can see a recording of the meeting below.

Video Recording:

Previous Public Engagement During the Park Planning Process

The Holly Springs community was involved in the process to develop the conceptual plan for Cass Holt Road Park.

Survey 1

  • 1,152 participants
  • Survey completed September 2021

Survey 2

  • 759 participants
  • Survey completed November 2021