Housing Affordability Study

The Town of Holly Springs seeks to provide a range of affordable housing choices within the community. A variety of affordable housing choices allows residents at all stages of life, with different housing needs and preferences, to live in the community for a lifetime.

What is a Housing Affordability Study?

The Housing Affordability Study will provide findings related to housing affordability, analyze community housing needs based on existing conditions and trends, and provide specific recommendations and actions for the Town to consider related to potential community housing affordability goals. 

How Can I Get Involved?

This project is a community-driven effort, so we need your input! To stay involved, visit this website for project updates, public meeting information, public survey information, project newsletters, flyers and more.


  • Request for Proposals Released (July 2021)
  • Consultant Selection (September 2021)
  • Project Kick-off (Fall 2021)

Project Schedule

The project is expected to begin in October 2021. A completed plan is anticipated to be adopted in late 2022.