UDO PROJECT - Rewriting the Unified Development Ordinance

The Town of Holly Springs is rewriting its Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), regulations that impact the way development can occur in town. The rewrite is an effort to ensure the UDO reflects the goals and values the community expressed in the recently completed Land Use & Character Plan. The rewrite also will provide consistency within the regulations. 

What is the UDO?

The UDO includes zoning and subdivision regulations, as well as a variety of other regulations covering topics such as street and utility design and forestry that all impact the way that development can occur in town.

Why rewrite the UDO?

  • Implementing our community’s vision

    • Holly Springs has grown and changed dramatically since 2002 with its population increasing from around 11,550 in 2002 to more than 40,000 today. In October 2019, Town Council approved a new Land Use & Character Plan section of the Comprehensive Plan, which considers where we are now and identifies the town’s vision for its future. The new UDO will implement this vision through regulations that reflect the goals and values the community expressed in the Land Use & Character Plan.
  • Consistency, clarity, organization

    • Since the UDO was originally approved in 2002, it has been amended more than 20 times, leading to the need for a thorough evaluation of the document as a whole to ensure it is clear, concise and well-organized. 

More information

The project will occur over approximately 18 months. In May 2020, the Town Council approved a contract with the consulting firm Stantec to lead the project. Along with town staff, Stantec will develop a community engagement plan that will span the duration of the project to ensure opportunities for involvement and public feedback.

Project Manager: Current Planning Manager Melissa Sigmund, 919-557-3905

Email: UDOproject@hollyspringsnc.gov

Project Documents & Updates