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Welcome to the Town of Holly Springs Department of Planning & Zoning.

The goal of the Department of Planning & Zoning is to enhance the lives of our residents by promoting the mission statement of Vision Holly Springs, the Town's Comprehensive Plan:

“To preserve the small town atmosphere that Holly Springs offers by establishing a "village" that enriches the quality of place by encouraging the creation and enhancement of residential and non-residential development, which ultimately fosters a greater sense of community.”

To achieve this mission, we engage in:

Long-Range Planning

Long-Range Planning involves the creation and enforcement of plans for the Town’s corporate limits as well as special growth areas surrounding the Town to manage growth.

Future Land Use & Community Character Plan Update
 In October 2019, the Town Council adopted a new Land Use & Character Plan as part of Vision Holly Springs, the Town Comprehensive Plan.  The re:Vision Holly Springs project was  community-driven, with a focus on citizen engagement.  For information regarding the project, including events and project details, please visit the project website at  The adopted plan is now available as part of the Comprehensive Plan

Current Planning

Current Planning involves the review of development projects related to annexation, zoning, subdivision, development review, architectural and appearance review and commercial inspections.

Zoning Enforcement

Zoning Enforcement involves permit review for signs, sheds, and temporary uses; site and permit inspections for compliance with approved plans and permits; response to zoning compliance inquiries and resolution of zoning violations.

Technical Services

Technical services involves addressing and ZIP codes, GIS mapping, parcel management data, population and demographic data collection.

Contacting Us

Please tell us if there is information that you cannot find. We would also like your suggestions on how we can make the Department of Planning & Zoning website more useful as we continue making changes to the site. Call or email us if you have questions or walk-in and we'll be glad to assist you.