Water Quality

The Water Quality Department operates the Town’s wastewater treatment plant and reclaimed water system. Department responsibilities also include managing the  industrial pre-treatment and fats, oils, and grease programs. The environmental compliance laboratory monitors the quality of treated wastewater and drinking water.

About Drinking Water

Holly Springs purchases water from the Cape Fear River through Harnett County’s Regional Water Treatment Plant in Lillington. The Town also has water line connections with surrounding communities. These connections can be used in emergencies. Having access to multiple sources of water is beneficial for water quality and safety.

Annual Change in Drinking Water Disinfection

Utility customers may smell and taste chlorine more during March because of an annual temporary change in drinking water treatment methods. Water plants throughout the state switch to a different treatment throughout March each year to meet state and federal rules requiring this balancing of disinfecting processes. The water remains safe to drink.
Public Notice to Water Customers