Putting It Together

Putting it together

Friday, May 8, 2020

Putting it together

During Economic Development Week 2020, we’ve explored elements of how the Holly Springs Economic Development team helps create jobs, advances career development opportunities and increases the quality of life in Holly Springs.

Working with our community, we’re:

Developing an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs

Recognizing entrepreneurs as a driving force in the economic success of Holly Springs, we’re connecting entrepreneurs, town leaders, local educational institutions, and industry experts who can help these businesses navigate the ups and downs of owning their own business. Read more.

Building a downtown from scratch

A drive down Main Street in Holly Springs shows how the power of strategic economic development can change the landscape of a town.  Building a downtown district from scratch and investing in infrastructure to accommodate future growth, required vision from town leaders. Read more.

Growing our Business Park

One of the town’s most impressive features is the Holly Springs Business Park.  Years ago, the town set aside 600 acres of prime real estate to attract businesses and jobs, and it has become one of the most attractive destinations for life sciences and other types of companies to set up shop in North Carolina. Read more.

Implementing innovative technology

Holly Springs is using innovative technology to stand out from the crowd.  Companies are looking to relocate to communities that are constantly evolving and looking to the future. Read more.

The secret ingredient

What makes Holly Springs Economic Development successful?

"It’s more than just the efforts that we’ve highlighted throughout the week," said Irena Krstanovic, Economic Development Director. "There’s something special and intangible that people notice about our community – our secret ingredient to our recipe for success, if you will. It’s something you can’t quite put your finger on, or box in with words, or contain in a picture frame.

"What makes economic development in Holly Springs is our community itself – the talent in our community and the compassion in our community," she said. "Inside the Holly Springs Economic Development Department and inside our business community, we’re encouraging each other and, beyond that, we’re rolling up our sleeves and helping each other build something unlike anything else."

We’re here to help you.

Holly Springs Economic Development continues to serve our local business community and remains available to assist your business. Please feel free to contact us directly.