Engaged, Healthy & Active Community

Engaged, Healthy & ActiveHolly Springs promotes fulfilling and rewarding lifestyles with abundant, healthy living options.

Improve, expand, and seek partnerships for recreational and cultural opportunities.

  • Initiative 1.1: Expand community events and programs at Ting Park, and other Town amenities, by strengthening relationships with local and regional sports, recreational, and cultural organizations.

Plan, design, build, and maintain a comprehensive system of sustainable facilities, greenways, and park spaces to high standards, providing attractive places that people use and enjoy.

  • Initiative 2.1: Expand parks, greenways and open space through the implementation of the remaining 2011 Parks and Recreation Bond.
  • Initiative 2.2: Increase equitable access to park facilities, amenities, greenways and open space and ensure new development serves the needs of the Town’s diverse and growing population.
  • Initiative 2.3: Update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan to address dynamic parks, facilities, open space and greenways town-wide with the integration of natural resource management and integrated sustainability practices.

Develop community events and programs that ensure wide appeal of activities for residents.

  • Initiative 3.1: Enhance inclusivity of educational/recreational program opportunities for populations such as seniors, teens, as well as people of all abilities and economic means.