Utilities: Billing & Customer Service


                             Meter boxes Repair Project 11/2019 - 2/2020

Town contractors will be making repairs to your meter/meter box. Contractors will use minimally invasive efforts to any landscaping located in the area of right of way. However, in the event landscaping is disturbed or damaged, the Town will not repair the landscaping. You may wish to prepare the area and remove any landscaping prior to this repair. If you have any additional questions, please call 919-557-3925

Utility Department Function

The Town provides:
  • Billing and payment collections for water, sewer and solid waste services
  • Help understanding and resolving issues with your water bill
  • Monthly meter reading

Online Services

Guide to Utility Services

Water / Sewer

Billing Question / High Bill Concerns (919) 557-3925
Press option 3
Connect / Disconnect Service
(919) 557-3925 
Press option 2
Water Quality Issue
(919) 552-5920
Water Service Concerns / no Water
(919) 557-3925
 Press option 8

Garbage / Recycling

Bulk trash item for pickup
Click here for more information about Town policies and fees regarding large amounts of yard waste and debris.
(919) 552-5920
Garbage / Recycling missed
(919) 552-5920
Need moving boxes picked up
The Town will pick up a maximum of seven boxes at no charge to residents. Details.
(919) 552-5920
Replace/Repair garbage or recycling container
(919) 552-5920

Yard Waste

Grass clippings to be picked up
(919) 552-5920
Limbs / Leaves to be picked up
(919) 552-5920