Bond-Funded (Green) Projects

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Bond-Funded (Green) Projects

Bond-Funded (Green) Projects List

These projects, shown as green on the projects map, will begin immediately after the bond referendum with completion dates targeted for the next couple of years. These projects will be of most direct benefit for local residents travelling local routes. Because a funding partner is not likely for these projects, the Town won't wait for that opportunity.  This means these projects funded 100% by the Town can begin right away.

1. Holly Springs Road – Complete 4-lane widening, bike lanes, and sidewalks from Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road to increase capacity ahead of I-540 interchange  

2. N.C. Hwy. 55 Bypass – Add new right turn lane southbound from Avent Ferry Road to South Main Street to help traffic flow onto South Main Street. Afternoon rush hour is hindered by a short turn lane at South Main Street in which only a few cars can stack. This project will greatly increase the capacity of that lane so more southbound traffic can flow onto South Main Street and free up travel lane capacity southbound on N.C. Hwy. 55.

3. Main Street – Add new right turn lane northbound near Earp Street to increase traffic flow onto Holly Springs Road. In the afternoons, traffic often backs up as motorists wait in the travel lane to turn right onto Holly Springs Road. This extra pavement will give turning traffic a place to stack so northbound through-traffic can keep moving.

4. Estes Lane – Connect existing segments of Estes Lane over creek crossing, creating a cross-town connection. Combined with the Orange project, Teal Lake Drive, this connection will complete a route for local traffic between N.C. Hwy. 55 and Bass Lake Road. 

5. Avent Ferry Road – Realign Avent Ferry Road consistent with current construction to create new cross-town connection from Avent Ferry Road to Bass Lake Road via Stinson Avenue. This realignment actually use Pine Street to tie Avent Ferry Road into Stinson Avenue. This project will serve downtown development as well as the Rex Hospital site. 

6. Grigsby Avenue – Complete widening, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and crosswalks to improve traffic flow and safety. Grigsby is a well-traveled street leading to many homes and two of the Town's premiere park properties – Womble Park and Sugg Farm. This project will greatly improve this gateway, which will benefit all residents who attend events at games at Womble and events at Sugg Farm at Bass Lake Park.

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