Sugg Farm Road and Utilities Improvements

Project description:

Completed upgrading/extending water and sewer lines into the park. Future work includes replacing and widening various sections of the park entrance road, as well as constructing an emergency access road from the Parks at Bass Lake subdivision.


Sugg Farm


Water and sewer lines constructed. Future road improvements under consideration.

Public engagement:

Outreach to nearby property owners and public notifications will occur before and during road construction.

Sugg Park Utilities

Project information:

12-039 Plans/Exhibits Click here to view plans.

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For more information about transportation (roads, intersection improvements, sidewalks), water, sewer and stormwater, contact Engineering.
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Planning & Zoning

For more information about land use, building setbacks, parking, landscaping, architecture and design, contact Planning & Zoning.
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Nov. 4, 2019