Southern Area Planning Initiative

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Findings from the study were presented at the Town Council's Feb. 20 meeting. Click here to view the report about the initiative and its findings.

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About the Southern Area Planning Initiative

The Town of Holly Springs is conducting a study to examine growth patterns and land use policy of a 12.2-square-mile area in the town's southern planning jurisdiction. Click on a link below for a map.

Map 1 Planning Jurisdiction
Map 2 Based on Comprehensive Plan

The study will include opportunities for the public to learn more about the initiative and provide input. Please see the scheduled public meeting opportunities posted below.  Also, please check back for additional information about the study and opportunities to provide input.

This is Phase 1 and will be completed by January 2018. Additional phases will be determined later as needed.

The Town's Future Land Use Plan encompasses approximately 16.2 square miles to the south and west of the G.B. Alford/Avent Ferry Road intersection. The Southern Area Planning Initiative is studying the 12.2 square miles that are under the Town's zoning jurisdiction. The remaining 4 square miles are within the Town's Short Range Urban Service Area as designated by Wake County and remain under Wake County's zoning control.

What is the initiative's goal?

This initiative is not creating a new plan. Rather, the goal of the initiative is to gather feedback and suggestions about how this area should grow from residents and business owners throughout the town and its planning jurisdiction. The result will be recommendations of next steps.

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Town staff and consultant in the study area

Town staff and the project consultants near the intersection of Avent Ferry and Cass Holt roads, inside the Southern Area Planning Initiative study area.