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Public Engagement
Public Engagement Sessions

Nov. 15, 2012
Public Information Session & Charette
Location: W. E. Hunt Center
5:30- 7:30 p.m.
Topics: Bass Lake Greenway, Jones Park Improvements, North Main Street Athletic Complex, Womble Park Improvements

Public Presentation Materials

 Bass Lake Greenway  Jones Park Improvements North Main Athletic Complex   Womble Park Improvements
 Greenway map screen shot Jones Park master plan screen shot
 North Main Complex screen shot  Womble Park master plan screen shot
PDF of greenway map linking Bass Lake Park to Womble Park Master Plan of Jones Park improvements  Rendering of proposed athletic complex on North Main Street Master Plan of Womble Park improvements

Public Comments

 Bass Lake Greenway  Jones Park Improvements North Main Athletic Complex   Womble Park Improvements
 The greenway is going to be really cool! It cuts right next to my street! I am so excited!
It is NOT safe entering this park from Holly Springs Rd. The road needs to be widened and better signage erected.  Now I have a place to play tennis! I understand you need to gate the place up, but it will also limit the access for non-teams, for Dad and son games, pickup games, etc. But we still foot the bill. We use those fields all the time, as are others. The other fields, like the pit is no good. 
 Love this project and hope for more of them in Holly Springs! Really like the idea of playgrounds at this park. Right now we don't go there due to that.  Very excited about this project- nice to see the tennis courts.  Don't agree with fence around turfed soccer fields with only 2 gates. This will cause a pedestrian bottleneck during peak hours. Please add more gates. Explore more parking along Stinson Ave. 
Very good to connect Womble and Bass Lake
Frisbee golf is a nice addition Multi-sport venue is great idea! Sounds really cool
Can't wait to use it! Missing the spray park. Keep natural except for the playground and spray park. OK with disk golf.  100% behind it! Love the turf fields! High need for quality fields in this park of Wake county!
Suggs farm could use a trail on both sides. Need more info on what can be done on the farm. More soccer fields! We need a complex with 6-8 fields to host tournaments. Brings in a lot of money for the town.  1. Connection to Oak Hall (PED) 2. Dog Park 3. Good with the concept. Can this field be multi-use? Love it! Additional parking in phase 2 will be a necessity.
Love that you are moving forward with greenways. Better curb signage. Excited for playground.  Playground areas by the tennis and soccer fields for younger siblings and parents to keep eye on multiple kids. The improvements are needed. Could use a spray park and a dog park. Like the tennis courts.
    This complex should be moved 300-400 ft. North to have a buffer between it and residential areas. Complex will be noisy.  More parking! Hard to schedule soccer games or tournaments without adequet parking!
    We would love to see a basketball court here. It would be great to have an outdoor court where anyone can play. We have nowhere for our children to practice outside of times assigned at the schools. There are areas for other sports. Please put a place for the kids and adults who play basketball. One public court will not be enough. One indoor and one outdoor would be greatly appreciated.  Try bring water (drinking) to park.
    Wow. When will we have the walking trails that have been on the books longer than the tennis courts? You know, for those of us that don't play tennis. What about those that live on the South side of the tracks?  
    Great concept. Are two soccer fields enough for demand in this area. Seems Western Wake is in need for more club soccer.   
    We're still the only town in Western Wake without courts. The sooner the better. 
    I live in Oak Hall and would like to see how much of a buffer zone will be between the complex and Oak Hall.  
    WWTA can help get a substantial grant from USTA for the tennis complex. We need to insure that plans provide good drainage and wheelchair access.   
    I am in full support of additional athletic fields. I have 4 kids involved in sports, (specifically soccer and basketball) and often have to travel to find fields that are available.   
     There should be foot/bike access from Oak Hall. Light/sound pollution concerns.   
    We need a dog park here.   
    Great looking park! Will be a great addition for Holly Springs!  
    Racquetball- Convert 2 of the Tennis Courts into 4 racquetball courts (back-to-back) or courts inside community center.   

General Public Comments
 I would like to see a football field in town.
 There is room for a dog park next to the Holly Springs Water Tank. Please provide a dog park in Holly Springs
 Very excited with the new proposal!
 Basketball anywhere?
 Why isn't a basketball court at any park?
 A town football field in the area that is marked rather than the multipurpose field for the kids to play on for practice. Also an adequate basketball court for recreational play.
 We need a senior bus and possible more transportation. We are growing and we have more and more seniors in this area. 
 Love all of the projects!
 Suggest providing as much bike and pedestrian access as possible to all projects.