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Town Engineering Projects
Requests for Proposals & Qualifications
The Town maintains a list of qualified firms and professionals who have expressed interest in providing services related to planning, survey, design, study, construction administration, and testing. See the invitation to consultants and how to request inclusion on the list.

Road constructionTown Projects 

2015 Street Resurfacing
Streets to be resurfaced in 2015 include Holly Meadow Drive (Sycamore to Holly Branch Drive); Sturminister Drive, Thorton Green Place and Chillmark Drive in the Ballenridge Subdivision; and Hyannis Drive (entrance block) and Osterville Drive (entrance block) in the Arbor Creek subdivision.

The streets were identified based on a pavement condition survey conducted a few years ago that prioritized Town streets in need of resurfacing. Each year, the Town uses available Powell Bill funds to resurface city streets. This year, $400,000 in Powell Bill funds will be used for the resurfacing projects.

Main Street Extension
Extending Main St. south to connect to Piney Grove-Wilbon Rd., improving commuter routes while decreasing traffic volume on Avent Ferry Rd.
Estimated completion: 2016-2017
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N.C. 55/Avent Ferry Road Intersection Improvements
New lanes, medians and signal light timing to move traffic faster during morning and evening rush hours by focusing on the directions in which most drivers are traveling.
Estimated completion: 2015
Location: Avent Ferry Road and N.C. 55
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Earp Street Force Main Improvements
Replacing a sewer line beneath Earp St. with two lines.
Estimated completion: Spring 2015
Location: Earp Street from Blalock Street to Bass Lake Road
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Middle Creek Force Main Improvements
Replacing and installing sewage lines.
Estimated completion: August 2015
Location: Middle Creek, Sunset Ridge, Sunset Lake Road
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Grigsby Sidewalk Missing Links
Connecting sidewalk near Lakeside subdivision with sidewalk at the south side of Womble Park.
Estimated completion: 2015
Location: Grigsby Ave. near Womble Park ball fields
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West Side Regional Sewer Study
Determining sewer upgrade needs
Estimated completion: This project is in progress.
Location: West side of Town
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East Side Regional Sewer Pumping Station
Increasing capacity and efficiency of existing sewer collection system on east side of Holly Springs
Estimated completion: This is project is in progress.
Location: Pumping station location to be determined. Avent Ferry Road Four Lane Widening
Widening Avent Ferry to four lanes, from N.C. 55 to Piney Grove-Wilbon Rd, and from Piney Grove-Wilbon Rd. to Cass Holt Rd.
Estimated completion of Phase 1 design: 2015
Location: Avent Ferry Road from N.C. 55 to Cass Holt Road
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Avent Ferry Road Spot Safety Project
Altering median to prevent left turns out of Village Walk Drive; addition of traffic light at access road for shopping center
Estimated time of completion: April 2015
Location: Avent Ferry Road at Southpark Village shopping center
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Avent Ferry Sidewalk
Adding sidewalk along Avent Ferry Rd. from Ballentine St. to N.C. 55
Estimated completion: to be determined
Location: Along Avent Ferry Rd. between Ballentine St. and N.C. 55
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Mims Stormwater & Avent Ferry Road Streetscape Improvements
Constructing an area for water quality treatment, widening Avent Ferry and adding sidewalks and streetscape features.
Estimated completion: pending
Location: At Mims Park and along Avent Ferry Rd. in downtown Holly Springs
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Old Holly Springs/Apex Road Extension
Extending West Holly Springs Rd. to Thomas Mill Rd.
Estimated completion: pending
Location: From West Holly Springs Rd. to Thomas Mill Rd.
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Woodcreek Bridge Design
Connecting Sunset Ridge North and Woodcreek subdivisions.
Estimated completion: to be determined
Location: Creek Vista Road extension over Middle Creek
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