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1. Do I need a permit?
2. I built a bonus room (or any project) without a permit and now want to sell my house, but the square footage does not match the tax record. Is there anything I can do to fix this discrepancy?
3. Can I, as homeowner, do my own work?
4. Do I need a state license to complete this project?
5. What is a premise number?
6. How can I access the NC Building Code?
7. Can I have my building's final inspection at the same time as my electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspections?
8. Can I get my framing inspection before my rough-in inspections?
9. I found that the previous owner of my house finished off the bonus room without obtaining a building permit. Can this be permitted? If so, what are the process and requirements to obtain a permit?
10. When do I need to request a footing inspection?
11. How can I access the Public Information Search?
12. How much will my permit cost?
13. Is a permit needed to install a swimming pool (above or underground)?
14. How can I find out what time the inspector will be at my job?
15. When do I pay my permit fees?