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Posted on: September 16, 2019

Conserve Water & Reduce Stormwater Run-Off with Rain Barrels Offered at Wholesale Pricing

Rain barrel

Have you ever considered capturing and reusing rainwater to irrigate your lawn or garden and to wash your car or pet? Collecting rain in barrels and reusing the water is one way to help conserve water and improve water quality by reducing storm water run-off. The Town of Holly Springs is partnering with a vendor to offer 50-gallon rain barrels at wholesale pricing – $68 plus tax – now through Nov. 10.

Click here to order a rain barrel online from the Town's vendor, Rain Solutions.

Barrels must be ordered by Sunday, Nov. 10 and must be picked up Saturday, Nov. 16, 10 a.m.-noon at Sugg Farm Park, 2401 Grigsby Ave. 

Up to three rain barrels can fit in a mid-sized vehicle. 

Rain barrels capture rainwater from rooftops by connecting to downspouts. Interested in learning more about stormwater?  Contact the Holly Springs Stormwater Hotline at (919) 567-4027 or for more information.

Rain Barrel Details

  • 50-gallon barrel sold by Rain Water Solutions, Inc.
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 42.5 inches
    • Top diameter: 22.5 inches
    • Bottom diameter: 18 inches
  • Weight
    • Empty: 16 pounds
    • Full: 424 pounds

Function & Features

  • All parts included: 3/4-inch valve, mosquito screen, and overflow hose.
  • Barrels nest for easy storage.
  • Linking capability.
  • Locking lid with reusable zip ties.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Meets EPA safety standards.
  • Opaque HDPE material.
  • Two overflow ports.

Installation Instructions

Rain Barrel Maintenance

Warranty Information

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