Posted on: March 30, 2017

Upgrades Begin Soon on Holly Springs Cemetery

Work begins this spring on improvements to Holly Springs Cemetery, including road paving, new gravesite markers, and some leveling along the periphery to expand the available area.

Access to the cemetery will not be restricted, and construction scheduling will accommodate funerals. Graves will be wrapped with protective fencing.

The most noticeable change will be a new asphalt road 16 feet wide that will allow easier access to graves. A new storm drainage system of shallow swales and ditches will help prevent flooding and erosion. Reduction of slopes along edges of the cemetery will increase the number of gravesites.

The cemetery is at the corner of Earp and Burt streets. The work is expected to take about two months.

To lower costs, the first phase of work will cover only the western half of the cemetery. Town employees will do all the work except for paving and construction area staking. The budget for the phase is $125,000. Work on the eastern side has not yet been budgeted.

The new grave site markers will be flush with the ground and hardly noticeable. Surveying and placement of new markers will make it easier and more accurate to locate and manage grave sites”.


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