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Discover the Source
Imagine colonial settlers, tired and thirsty from making their way through the thick forest lands of North Carolina. They sought what we all seek - a place to live where they could survive and their children could thrive.

And, here, near where the high school is today, a group of them discovered a cool, clear, refreshing source of water… a source of life. They discovered this wonderful resource just a few feet away from a road in a time when roads were not that common. And this road! This road would take them all the way to Avent’s Ferry where they could cross or go along the Cape Fear River!

Yes. This was a wonderful place to settle down. Beneath the shade of two enormous wild holly trees, they had discovered a source of water, so necessary for sustaining the life of a community, and a major transportation artery, so necessary for making sure they had access to everything else they would need.

Holly Springs is grounded in a heritage of colonial land grants, agriculture and early enterprise like tailors, turpentine stills, grist mills and a railroad. At the same time, Holly Springs is very progressive, pursuing 21st century development like bio-technology, forward-thinking health care expansion and a creative sports and leisure economy. Young creative minds are attracted here, but they share little in common with those who have lived here all their lives. There is no common history, no common shared experiences, no common culture or heritage.

Like the two holly trees in the beginning of her story, Holly Springs has two histories - a “far history” when not much changed from one decade to the next spanning from that first colonial settlement, through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, two World Wars and into the late 20th century; and a “near history” that represents the most progressive time in Holly Springs’ life, spanning just the past 25 years since about 1990 when the population rose dramatically from 900 to nearly 30,000 today.

Turns out Holly Springs’ “new growth” young people love the town as much as the old timers who have lived here all their lives. Traditional attributes like volunteerism, being debt free, strong planning, connecting with the earth, and tackling challenges head on have huge appeal for those who want to live in a place where they can both succeed and be an integral part of a community.

A key when developing Holly Springs’ community brand was to recognize the deep roots that keep the community strong while at the same time celebrating the fact that those roots don't keep the town earthbound, they keep it growing.

Another concept was to recognize what it is that connects together those who associate themselves with the town’s “far history” and those of her “near history.” It’s the one thing we all have in common: It’s our name… our wonderful, pretty name.

Holly Springs’ brand is to celebrate a name that brings to mind clear, refreshing water and dark green leaves that provided comfort, beauty and shade. Just as the early settlers found the holly-covered springs to be a source of life-giving water, today’s residents find Holly Springs to be a source of many good things that improve the quality and completeness of their lives: our premier park system, our abundant housing choices, our thriving business community, and our shared “near history.”

Discover the Source
of all the things that make Holly Springs what it has wanted to be for two centuries: your hometown.
A Picture to Tell Our Story
With its lively, swirling electric blue water in motion and its modern stylized holly springing forth from the source, the Holly Springs Discover the Source image says in one glance, “Holly” and “Springs.” But this appealing image also says: new growth, progress, going forward together, growing in the right direction, sustainable, cool, refreshing, beautiful, in action, fresh, life, clean, energy, new, exciting. The water represents the kinetic energy from which all we have in our community is created. It is the Source. The holly tells our human story. Look at the bright green new-growth leaf alone. Does it not appear “excited and happy” and “so glad to be here?” The old growth leaf seems to be the stronger, greener branch on which the new growth relies, and it welcomes the new growth leaf as a part of itself. It is the mature growth that bears the fruit of the plant, but the mature growth seems to know that the new growth will make it better and stronger. The new growth is growing in a different direction. But it completes the circle, and the two sprigs remain connected as a branch. This brand image depicts our “far history” tradition and our “near history” new growth coming together as a single community. It’s our story.