The Holly Springs Police Department, working in partnership with the citizens we serve, shall endeavor and remain committed through professional, ethical, and impartial policing practices to preserve life, protect property, and maintain order for all who live, learn, and visit in our community.

Citizen trust, confidence, and support are paramount in achieving the highest quality of life. The Holly Springs Police Department is committed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism as it works in partnership with citizens to maintain a safe community.

More about the Holly Springs Police Department

  1. Animal Control

    The Animal Control Division takes a proactive approach to investigating animal bites, nuisance complaints, allegations of animal cruelty and more.

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  2. Citizen Resources

    Information on viewing incident and arrest reports, helping catch back robbers, golf carts on public streets and more.

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  3. Contact & Connect

    Link to our staff directory, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  4. Crime Prevention

    The Holly Springs Police Department offers home and business security inspection, domestic violence referrals and many other services for a safe community.

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  1. FAQs

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  2. Programs

    Information on tours of the LEC, discarding medicine, and McGruff the Crime Dog.

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  3. Holly Springs Law Enforcement Center

    Information about the new law enforcement center that replaces the small, century-old building next to Town Hall.

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