Street Maintenance

Sidewalk Construction
Public roads in Holly Springs are maintained by two entities: the Town of Holly Springs and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Knowing which organization maintains a particular road helps determine how to report maintenance issues. While the main roads in Holly Springs are maintained by the NCDOT, Holly Springs Public Works maintains most neighborhood streets. The Town also is able to make temporary repairs to state-maintained roads until the state can permanently repair the thoroughfare. Click here for more information.
Right-of-way tree trimming: Town crews also trim vegetation blocking or obscuring the line of sight at Town-maintained roadways. Call Public Works at (919) 552-5920 if a tree or brush is blocking a Town-maintained roadway or obscuring line-of-sight at an intersection in Holly Springs.

Sidewalk repairs: The Town of Holly Springs repairs sidewalks, curbs and gutters in Town limits. To report a sidewalk that needs maintenance, call (919) 552-5920.

Additionally, Public Works can install traffic control signs (such as stop signs) at the direction of the Engineering and Police departments. Town trucks are prepared for snow and ice removal with plows and sand and salt spreaders.