Avent Ferry Road Widening Phase 2

Project description:

This project consists of widening of approximately 3,600 linear feet of Avent Ferry Road from Ralph Stevens Road (formerly Piney Grove Wilbon Road) to Cass Holt Road. With the widening comes right-of-way acquisition and utility relocations.

Although Avent Ferry is a state-maintained road, the town has agreed to administer design, right-of-way acquisition and construction in order to begin construction more quickly. NCDOT will provide 100 percent of project funding, estimated at $8 million.


  Right-of-Way Acquisition 
  Under Construction

Avent Ferry Road Widening Phase 2


Design CompleteTBD
Public MeetingTBD
Right-of-Way AcquisitionTBD
ClosuresDuring construction, lanes will be closed, but Avent Ferry Road will remain open and access to schools, shopping areas and neighborhoods will remain.

Project information:

18-010 Plans/Exhibits Click here to view plans.

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